Tuesday, March 22, 2016

February Catch Up

These pictures are just from some random events during the winter months. For Ryan's birthday, my mom bought him tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters game. It happened to be when Ryan's parents were in town so they went too! The boys loved the game and Kylie slept through half of it! 
 Kylie has the sweetest little class at school. She went to one of her friend's birthday parties and she was one of about 3 girls there but she loved laser tag! She knows how to hang with the boys! 
News 2 weather man came to do a special talk for the 1st graders and they were on tv. Well, low and behold, guess who is making the silly faces in the back row...About 4 little boys including Braden and Reed:-)
The 1st graders did a play about Bugs and their class dressed up like fireflies. 
It was such a cute play!
 Kylie Reese loves her some dress up these days. Most days when she gets home from school, she puts on my wedge shoes, a purse, one of my dresses and plays teacher or with her baby dolls. 
 She is not one to ususally pout but when she does this is how it goes down!
 Reed and Braden still love everything to do with sports. They just finished up playing basketball and they are about to begin baseball.  If you want to know a score or who is playing just ask Reed! 
 Good thing Nana and Papa have a dog... 
 Reed, Charley, Kylie, Sawyer and Braden.
 Kylie learning how to draw animals in art class. I thought these were pretty cute!
 I need to figure out how to include a video on here. Mrs. Marcia and Mr. Larry did their "living testimony" at church one Sunday night about Marcia's journey with cancer. She asked if the boys would lead Thrive by Casting Crowns and they did a great job. I might have shed a few tears listening to them sing this song! 
 Here are a few examples of what 1st grade writing looks like these days. I was pretty impressed when they came home with these in their folders. Did we write in paragraph form in 1st grade?! 
 Book Character Day
Kylie as Pinkalicious and the boys as basketball players
 Kylie's sweet little classmates
 This is a normal day around here when looking out the kitchen window. These 3 still play really well together and come up with lots of things to do! They found a ladder and carried it around back. I just watched and let them do their thing until Kylie got on the unstable roof then made them get down. I figured if they fell it wouldn't do too much damage. If you have kids, let them explore!!! 

 Reed being a big ol' 7 year old getting blood draw for the first time not sitting in momma's lap. He handles needles like a champ and we are so proud of him. We are also so thankful for the health that he has been blessed with up to this point. Praise! 
 I took one for the team a few weeks ago when UK was playing in the SEC tournament.  Kylie had 2 birthday parties during the day which I "got" to take her to:-) While I was chauffeuring her around, the boys went to the LSU/A&M and UK/UGA games. They had a blast!  

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