Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Disney in January

What better way to spend Ryan's 35th birthday than in Disney World for an extra long weekend?!! We debated between this or the KU/UK basketball game but this was way better. We stayed in Downtown Disney and just drove to Magic Kingdom on Friday and Saturday. 
We still took one stroller and also rented a two person stroller. Even with the kids being older these things are life savers for how much walking you do. 
Strollers are also great because it is way easier to keep up with 3 kids. 
 How is Kylie almost 6! They all three love the Little Mermaid Under the Sea ride. 
 A parade definitely calls for an ice cream break
 Or a chocolate covered banana break! 
 We stayed at the park until dinner time then left to eat at Ohana's then headed back to the park.
Long but fun days. 
 The first time that Reed was tall enough to ride Space Mountain and the first time that Braden was brave enough:-) I took the boys to ride this while Ryan and Kylie rode the People Mover. We only had 2 fast passes but they let me in with both boys. 
Saturday morning we started the day with Kylie meeting Tinkerbell. The boys went too but had no desire to talk to her. You know that your kids are getting older when the characters aren't such a big deal anymore. 
 Trying to take a selfie with all 5 of us...fail! 
 Exhausted Saturday afternoon. This was right before we headed back to the hotel for a little to rest. 
 Saturday night the park was staying open until 1 am, and we made it to the end!
Kylie decided that she wanted to ride Space Mountain too so all 5 of us rode.  
This is one of our favorite things to do as a family. It is not a relaxing trip, 
but a trip full of memories. 

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