Thursday, February 19, 2015

January 2015 and School Days

Once again, I have fallen behind on my updates. Sorry to the few people who still check back like Nanny and Susan:-)
Unfortunately, the boys learning to write is paying off with some write-offs at home. 
Braden lost his first tooth on December 26th while he was trying to open a jar with his teeth! The tooth fairy was going to leave $1 until she talked to Braden's Nana who said that $1 was way too cheap. The tooth fairy had to search high and low for four $1 bills and maybe borrow from the kids' bank for four quarters to total $5!
This is a random picture but these are things you might find in my freezer. The boys reasoning for this was that the rabbits were going to the mountains.
 While school was out, we went the eat lunch at the food court. Don't you remember going to eat at the mall with your mom! It was always a special treat for me growing up.
 One New Year's Eve, Ryan and I flew out to New Orleans to go to the Sugar Bowl with his business partners. Ryan won this trip for working so hard this past year!
After we got back from our trip, Nana sent home a snow globe with Kylie. Well, the moment we got home she decided to carry it upstairs and somehow dropped it. I am still finding glitter on our stairs but thankfully no glass.
One night, I took the kids and their friend Pierce to go see Paddington. 
On MLK Day, my mom and I took the kids to the zoo. It was a beautiful day in January and we got there when it opened before the rest of Nashville showed up.
Kylie wanted to practice softball that afternoon. She is so excited to be playing this Spring. 
The boys celebrated their 100th day of school by dressing like old men. Aren't they the cutest old men!
Some of Braden's school work:
Some of Reed's school work:
 Ryan and Kylie watching a show. She is definitely spoiled by her daddy!
Kylie's Valentine's Day party at school
 Reed and Braden's Valentine's day boxes they made...with a little help:-)

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