Sunday, September 15, 2013

End of the Summer Events

The Wilson County Fair with our family on Friday.
We joined the Story family and had a great time letting the kids ride a lot of rides.
This ride was so fun to watch the kids expressions as they flew around the race track.
Reed and Hailey riding the ferris wheel
I took the girls and "Juice" took the boys. Definitely glad that I did this ride before dinner.
Kylie, Reed and Braden got snow cones as we left the fair. We had a great time!
The next day, we had our class end of the summer bash at the Calendine's lake house.
Maddi, Avery and Camille
Riley, Kylie and Callie getting their ice cream from Mrs. Laura.
Reed and Braden on the bounce house
This picture is kind of random but it pretty much sums up how much fun my kids have with each other. Love these three!!
This picture is so sweet. Braden loves his rabbits...all 10 of them that he has between our house and Nana's! Out of the 10 though, he knows which one is "Scruffy" by the way its ear feels. He sleeps with these rabbits every night!
The Wilson County Fair with Nana and Papa on the following Tuesday.
Kylie Reese

 Oh the things that we do/ride for our kids!
 Lake Trip with friends
Harris, Colton, Reed and Braden
 Kylie, Camille and Cece
No we do not normally let our kids drink coke but this was a special treat!
 Cece, Kylie, Harris, Camille, Callie, Braden, Reed then Lucy

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