Friday, November 09, 2012

Fall Time

This is a picture from last month of the boys on a dove hunt with daddy. They actually did pretty good considering all they got to do was sit. They were good bird dogs!

Guess who is about to be 4 years old?!! 
Braden and Reed are!!! 
The other night, I talked Tina into letting Charley spend the night with us for her first night away from home ever. I figured that she needed to do that before her world gets turned upside down when her baby sister gets here in March. That poor baby girl will not have a chance with these four fighting over her. 
We let the kids roast hot dogs outside and they loved it. The boys' had on their John Deere scarves and the girls "had" to have one too so they got to wear mine. 
 This picture is NOT what it looks like. This is what happens when you have 4 kids under 4 for a night. Kylie came into the kitchen and said "mom, come here!" That is NEVER a good thing. 
Well, Kylie and Charley found my pedicure basket and thought it would be a great idea to dump all 3 bottles in the toilet. I guess it's much better there than on the floor! 
Reed, Charley, Kylie and Braden
 As you can tell, our weather has been crazy. It is freezing one day then hot the next. Reed getting convinced to slide down by himself on his belly. 
Reed, Kylie and Braden throwing leaves at papa! 
Reed, Braden and Kylie surprising Nanny and Granny on Halloween. 
 Kylie, the mouse. I was really wanting the kids to be the 3 little pigs but the boys decided they wanted to have an opinion. 
 So the boys decided they wanted to be dinosaurs....dragons are close enough, right?!! 
 Brady, Braden, Tori, Reed and Kylie
THEN: Kylie and Maddi, October 2010
NOW: 2012
 "Say Cheese!"
 Happy Halloween 2012! 

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Michael and Hannah said...

I LOVE the costumes! We can't get away with costumes like that down here in Florida though - we trick-or-treat in 80 degrees. At least Kylie dumped the stuff in the toilet instead of painting with it all over the house!