Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Canvas

This is my favorite canvas hand/foot print that I have made so far. I did Braden, Reed and Kylie's hands in brown for the reindeer then Kylie's foot for Santa's sleigh in green. Here is the order in which I completed the canvas:

1) Reins, Antlers, Sleigh base - Black Sharpie

2) I just painted Santa a red suit and red hat. Just leave some room for his face to go.

3) Filled in from his suit to his hat with a cream paint for his face and cream "blobs" for his hands

4) Added the white paint for detail for his suit and beard.  Also did a white dot for the eye of the reindeer.
5) One dot of blue paint for Santa's eye

6) Draw a black pupil on top of the white of the reindeer eye

7) Paint a bag in brown for Santa's toys.

8) Write whatever Christmas saying that you like in red.

Enjoy this cute canvas during the holiday!

1 comment:

Michael and Hannah said...

I LOVE that. Wish I had the tiniest little ounce of artistic ability. Not sure I could pull this off, even with your step-by-step instructions. I might just have to try...