Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Days

This past weekend, Ryan and I took the kids to visit the grannies in Kentucky. We left when the boys usually take a nap thinking they would sleep the whole way. As you can tell in the pics below, Kylie is the only one that cooperated. The boys fell asleep right when we were getting off of the exit!
Aunt Nancy and Aunt Tula both enjoyed talking to and spoiling Kylie. Yes, she was still in her pajamas....its a little hard to get out the door with all three kids dressed for the day:-)
Nanny has been staying with us this week because my parents are in Arizona doing all the touristy sites. We have been staying at my parents so that Nanny's dog can roam free. The boys love when Nanny comes to town. She fixes them good food, reads them lots of books, walks to the barn and back a million times and just spoils them rotten.
Kylie trying to rest peacefully but was joined by some rowdy boys. She only gets to lie on the floor when she is being closely monitored by someone over the age of 20 months!
Reed Update: The poor child has been put under twice already this year (heart catheritization and follow-up MRI) and has to be put under at least 2 more times (eye surgery and circumcision). Here are the details, mainly so that I will have this all documented for his baby book.
  • Heart - Reed's heart is doing great and we are so very thankful that he has had no problems.
  • Brain - When Reed had bleeding on his brain in April 2009, he had some seizures in the hospital which was more than likely caused by the bleeding. However, they make you stay on seizure medicine at least one year and do follow up EEG's regularly. Thankfully, all of Reed's EEG's were good. On our last neurology visit, Ryan and I requested a follow up MRI to make sure there was no longer bleeding on his brain. Praise God that his MRI was good and he no longer has to be on seizure meds and doesn't have to go back to neurology until Novemeber. With that said, Reed has been a different kid since he got off of the seizure medicine. He has more energy and even seems to laugh more. Praise God for watching over our boys!
  • Eyes - Reed has been wearing an eye patch for the past 3 months and he thankfully does not have to patch any more. His right eye is now caught up with where it is supossed to be! Reed still has to have surgery to correct his strabismus which is what causes his eyes to sometimes look cross-eyed. His opthomologist is great and she is one of the best for correcting eye muscle problems. He is hopefully going to have this surgery in late August or early September.
  • Hopefully no other body parts need explaining:-)
Braden Update: Braden has been put under 0 times this year and hopefully 0 times the rest of the year! His heart is full of love, his brain is filled daily with all of the books that he loves to read, and his eyes are crystal blue!
I was instructed by my parents that I needed to make sure that we picked the squash, tomatoes and okra while they were gone. Well it rained a lot overnight and the pictures below say enough about the state of the garden. I hope to find my yellow clogs sometime that are deeply buried in the middle of the garden! I had to pull Braden and Reed out of the mud but they kept their shoes on.
One of Braden's many cute faces!
Oh yea, I forgot about Kylie. Never mind, she is just feeding herself so that my hands are free. **I know some of you are freaking out right now seeing this picture and are going to tell me that she can choke doing this....I do not leave her unattended while she is drinking her bottle**
Popsicle and Hose Time ... these are part of our daily routine right now!
And finally, we ended the afternoon with popcorn, apple juice and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!


Jan Cromer said...


The Confer's said...

I understand about your child being put fun at all! We think about your family often.


Anonymous said...

After seeing the pics Keeley posted, I can't belive our boys are 20 months old. Recently, I was reminded of how much more we should say 'Thank You'. We owe so much to our church family, friends, and countless others who visited Reed, prayed for our family, brought us food, etc. I know many of you care so much for our boys and Kylie. THANK YOU!


carol said...

The Lord created so many beautiful things in this world. And when he gave me my sons I was so blessed and thanked him so much for the great sons I have. And when he blessed our familys with these grandbabies that we have we realized how wonderful the world and life could be. The Lord is good and the Lord looks after all the litte children. Now if we can get all there body parts working right and keep them heathy everything will be perfect. love grannie Carol

Amy said...

Your blog is always so fun to read. But I am amazed you have time to be such a good blogger!

emily said...

so sweet! love all the pictures of your beautiful babies! they are precious..

Michael and Hannah said...

Thanks for the Reed update... Praise God for His faithfulness! So glad all the reports continue to come back positive. Love the eating dirt pic! All 3 are so beautiful!

MereSpeckClayton said...

again, i am exhausted after reading how busy you guys are!!!

Dana said...

Love the pictures of the boys with the popsicles!!! Just reading you realize how fast they are growing!! Before you know it they will be getting married like my two, but you will still have your sweet little girl!!
Love to all,
Jerry, Dana, Wes, Marcy, John,Natalie, and Kendall