Tuesday, July 06, 2010

July and Hot!

Kylie Reese is almost 3 months old (on July 15th). She went a couple of weeks ago for her two month checkup...yes, a little late because I missed her appointment! She weighed 11 pounds 9 ounces which is 75th percentile and she was 65th percentile for length. She is a growing girl. I love to call her "Chubbers" because of her chubby little face. I know that I cannot call her this when she gets older but it is too cute right now. She is a very good baby and loves all of the noise that the boys provide for her!
The boys were planning an attack on daddy and he had no idea:-) Ryan encourages them to wrestle with him when he gets home from work. I am sure there will come a time when I am having to break up wrestling matches between Reed and Braden. I know that when my brothers would fight or should I say wrestle growing up that my mom would tell them to take it outside so I guess Ryan and I should move to the country so we can do the same!
Well, the Reedster had his first incidence with our hardwood stairs a week ago. The boys had been going up and down the stairs all day with no problems. I was holding Kylie while watching them come down the stairs. The first mistake is that Reed was coming down with a toy in his hand which he dropped. Well, needless to say, he turned around for the toy and lost his balance and fell down about 6 stairs. I felt so helpless because I couldn't catch him in time. I quickly put Kylie down to get Reed who was crying with blood coming down his face. It was complete chaos because I was holding a bleeding kid who had a huge knot on his head while Braden was trying to mess with Kylie while I was "telling" him to quit. All three kids were bawling by this time and we all had blood on us from Reed. I called Ryan and he came straight home from work to help. Ryan ended up calling my dad to come over to see if Reed needed stitches but my dad butterfly bandaged his cut and it has healed very nicely. He will have a nice scar to show for it though!
Cousin Colin came to visit us one afternoon and the boys all had a good time playing with each other.
Ryan and I went to Wes Mayes' wedding which was absolutely beautiful at Scarritt Bennett. It is very seldom that we get dressed up to go somewhere besides church!
The boys giving Kylie or as they call her "KyKy" a kiss.
Braden and Reed love to say "big truck" when we get to nanna and papa's house. If you ask them who drives the big trucks they will say Craig so Uncle Craig cannot help but take them out in one of his trucks. You obviously cannot miss one of these trucks if you are on the road...I have no idea who chose that color!
We spent the 4th of July weekend with some friends at Centerhill lake and had a great time. We were going to take the boys but decided that they should not go their first time when it is one of the busiest weekends...so we decided to take Kylie:-) Kylie and Maddi Terry did great on the boat and slept for a lot of the ride.
Ryan and I spent Monday with my brother, Tina, Charley and my mom and dad at the farm. The boys played in the pool for a long time but really loved riding the 4-wheeler. They are definitely learning how to share because neither one of them wants to get off when their turn is up!
Braden was going to do some yard work while Reed took it easy in the lounge chair! Reed enjoyed watching his brother do the work:-)
Reed with his two best friends, his paci and Nanna! My mom brainwashed him while we were gone because she will say "Whose boy are you" and he will reply with "Nanna!" Braden was lovin' him some watermelon while Kylie was just hanging out with her cute little beach hat on!
Braden playing peek-a-boo with Ellie!
The boys played nonstop all afternoon, but Braden crashed when pappa took him on a ride. The absolutely adore pappa but can't you see why?! He takes them on big truck rides, golf cart rides, 4-wheeler rides and rides in his truck...what boy wouldn't love that!!!
Yesterday, we went to Natalie's house for lunch and playtime. The kids all behaved themselves and had a great time. Little Tori was so sweet to Kylie and she was such a big girl holding Kylie all by herself. We tried to get a picture with all the kids but its impossible to get them all to look at the same time!


carol said...

OH! How much fun did they have? Busy busy busy all the time and my pretty little Kiley is growing like a weed. So beautiful and so much fun they have together. Don't know where you were but that fountain coming into the pool was cool. The kids are growing and healthy and so loved and thats about as good as it can get. love grannie carol. See you all in August

Jan Cromer said...

Keeley & Ryan, your children are adorable. And baby Kylie is a doll. So precious. God has truly blessed you all.

Jan Cromer

pauley.susan said...

Love it! Love it! What memories you are creating.....I love to look at the pictures; unbelievable how they are growing and how fast they are changing. You are blessed. God is so good! Much love, Susan