Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Time

Two weeks ago, Ryan and I went to the church family retreat with some of our friends. We left the boys with my parents so we could spend some time with our friends. It was perfect weather and we had a really good time.
On Saturday morning, the guys went to play golf while we stayed and went to Bible classes..something is wrong with that picture. In their defense though, it was a planned activity with the church retreat:-) Ryan obviously took the picture below of his group: Zach Crawford, Josh Terry and Josh Story.

That afternoon, all of us couples went to the skeet shooting range. It was so much fun! Zach was cracking us up with his shooting attire. He reminds me of Elmer Fudd in this picture!!!
I was showing Martha Lynn how to load the gun and turn the safety off. I think this was her first time to shoot a gun.
One morning, I went downstairs to check on the laundry and I came back and found this. I guess that is what I get for letting Reed think that the can of puffs was a rattle. You live and you learn. Don't worry, I didn't let them eat them all even though that would have been easier than cleaning up their mess. Their faces just say "Guilty!"
I wish that you all could see these two in the bathtub. They absolutely love bath time! Its a good thing that we have tile in our bathroom because water ends up all over the floor from them splashing. People think that I am crazy for giving them a bath every night but if you could see the looks on their faces when they get in the water then you would too!
I am trying to get the boys used to having things on their head so they won't hate their Halloween costumes. So far, I am not succeeding for longer than a minute!
Right after I took the picture, Braden had yanked the towel off his head. We owe a huge thank you to the Calendine family for having our church class over for a cookout. They had everything that you could think of for, huge blowup obstacle course, fishing, and tons of good food.
We brought the boys bouncers so they could entertain themselves for a while. Reed was in the middle of a big bounce in this picture.
Martha Lynn and sweet Camille
Braden with Macy, his friend that is also a twin.
It got pretty cool that night so they had a big bonfire where we could roast marshmallows. I was glad I brought their sweaters. The next day Ryan and I went and bought them a fleece coat for the winter.
Ryan and I trying to stay warm...actually I think he was hot because he had been playing football with some of the guys.

Stay tuned for some more won't be long before you can see them in their cute Halloween costumes!!!


carol said...

Oh! they are so sweet I realize we were just up there ,but my heart tells me to get in the car and leave papaT at home and come see my sweet grandbabies. They are just growing up too fast. I can't believe its been 11 months + . Tell everyone hi and give those boys lots of xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo's.Please take care of yourselves. prayers always for you all. P.s. Hows the other one doing I guess its a little early for flutters or kicks. you take care love you all.

Natalie said...

Ok, 1st let me say - i think it is very dangerous for you to be standing next to Martha Lynn with a gun! I hope you took off running in the opposite direction before she started shooting. And 2nd, that puff picture CRACKS ME UP!!!
They totally do look guilty. I'm sure you will see that look several more times in your lifetime!! They get cuter and cuter everyday!!

Abigail and Ansley said...

I love all of your latest updates! Congrats on another addition to the family. One baby is SO much easier than 2!!!!! ;) You will do great!!!!