Thursday, February 28, 2008

Too Much Time

Well, I guess I have way too much time on my hands since I have painted twice this week. I really don't but this gives me an excuse to put off house work!
I cannot take full credit for this idea. I saw something similar to this on-line. However, I tried to 'make it my own.'
I am posting these pictures to maybe give you some ideas to try yourself. Since I don't have kids to post about, I have to get creative!!

I started with a blank cabinet door and painted WHITE for the background part of it.

The next thing I did was paint a lot of scroll work designs in 'coffee bean brown' around the border.
I then dry-brushed white over the entire cabinet door. (You can notice the white 'lines' going through the scroll work) This makes it look a little older and not so loud.
Next, I wrote "This home is filled with love and laughter" over our last name.

This is the final product, but I haven't found a place to hang it yet:-)


Melissa Claire said...

Very cute Keeley! I really like that!

Amanda said...

You are so creative, can I have one of those too? Just kidding!! I hope to see you this week!

mkburcham said...

You are so creative! Honestly-you should start selling these--I love it! If you do start selling them..I would buy one!!! Love Mer

The Parker Family said...

Beautiful are so talented!

Julie said...

I love that!! Maybe that's what I should go for in the kitchen! I'll start trying to come up with something to say on it.

Em and C said...

you are SO talented! i love it! :)