Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Birthday and Super Bowl Parties

Saturday, we celebrated Hailey Story's birthday. I cannot believe that she is now 1 year old! She got tons of cute gifts. I bought her a stroller which she seemed to love. I only knew to buy this since some of my friend's girls (Amanda and Natalie) love pushing a stroller around the house. I figured this would be a good thing since she is taking those first steps. I also made her little outfit and I think that it looked really cute on her. That is the first cupcake dress that I had done for a birthday.

On Sunday night, we went to Mark and Melinda McInteer's home for the super bowl. They actually bring the big screen tv out on the screened in deck to watch the game. Well, since the game stayed 7 to 3 for the longest time, the girls decided to start doing old school hair styles.


Natalie Church said...

You did good on the cupcake outfit. I love it! I bet you will sell a lot of those! See you Friday! Maybe we can do lunch when you get out of class.

Amanda said...

Cute outfit, we will need one of those in August! Good idea for the gift. See you on Friday!!!!

Mittig family said...

Hey Keeley-what a great birthday dress! You need to send me your website again so I can check things out!

What church do y'all go to? One of our (former) teens from church is going to be an intern in Nashville this summer, so I told him I'd check into things!

Michael and Hannah said...

You made that dress??? I'm impressed! My mother-in-law is positively perplexed that I don't sew. I'd love to learn one day, but I gaurantee it won't be until all of my kids are way too old to wear a cupcake dress!