Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Spring Sports and Activities

Kylie's first go round with soccer and she loved it! She went from "skipping" on the basketball court to being pretty aggressive on the soccer field. 
 Isla, a friend from school, Kylie, and Callie
 Two on one and Kylie scores!!!!
Braden watches more of her game than she does theirs for sure!
Such a fun season and she's playing again this fall.
 The BRAVES - 
Coaches: Jody, David, Ryan, and Jason
Middle Row: Jonas, John, Maxwell, Colton, Cameron, Caden
Front Row: Gavin, Rowan, Reed, Hunter, Braden
Callie and Kylie are the Braves biggest fans!
 Actually, these two rarely even watch the game and just want to go to the concession stand for bubblegum and icees
 It's always fun playing against your best friend from school, Grayson.
 Braden up to bat. This is the last season of coach pitch 
so this upcoming fall will be a big change.
 This one right here gets more excited than anyone when he gets a good hit 
or someone makes a big play. 
 Gavin, Braden, Wade, and Cameron at Gavin's 8th birthday party! 
Hunter, Reed and Gavin
You got to do the "Dab"
 If you know Ryan, he is the first one to say "let's go get ice cream" after a game! 
Birthday Festivities for the month of April continue. 
Kylie and Callie went to the American girl cafe to eat lunch.
 The first pet is a fish. She can't get a dog YET so a fish will do for the time being.
Not sure why I thought it was a good idea to let the boys get a fish too
 Charley Rae turned 7 on April 5th! 
 These three have a special bond with each other. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of normal brother/sister arguments but their conversations are the sweetest at times. 
Kylie got a watch that tracks her steps...I think she has worn it a total of 5 days. Oh well! 
A letter in Kylie's backpack to her friend Reins about her birthday party. Reins might be a boy that Kylie blushes at when the boys mention his name! 
 This is a letter that Braden wrote to himself from his favorite rabbit, Scruffy. This is the same rabbit he has had since his first Easter and he still sleeps with him every night. I thought this letter was so cute and innocent! 
 One benefit of our kids going to a school with kids not from our church is making awesome friendships in addition to those I already have at church.
 Erika, me, Mandy, and Cara went to dinner one night to celebrate birthdays. 

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