Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Back to School

Braden and Reed started 1st grade, and Kylie started Kindergarten this year.  The boys were not nervous at all about going back to school and their Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Cooper, prepared them so well for 1st grade! Braden and Reed both know how to read really well for their age (in my opinion), and they thankfully enjoy math.  Ryan and I are so thankful for their great school and the wonderful teachers that sacrifice their time for our kids.
It was way harder for me to send my baby girl off to school than it was to send the boys. I think that I had a much easier time with the boys because they had each other in a classroom full of people that had never met whereas Kylie didn't know anyone. Yes, I know that the majority of kids go into Kindergarten not knowing anyone! She rocked the first day, but her tears came day 2 and 3 and a few days after that. It was quite humorous on day 2:  All 3 kids were getting dropped off in the drop off line where they walk themselves in. The boys had already discussed how they were going to walk Kylie to her class. Well, the van door opened and she looked at me with those big ol' eyes, started crying which made me cry while the PE teacher is waiting and I said "We'll be back!".  I drove around the loop again as we got it together, and she got out without any tears. But, I might have cried on the way back home;-)
 This was the boys third day of school but Kylie's first half day.  Walking from the front door all the way to the back Kindergarten hall is a long way. I was totally fine until we all got to her classroom and both boys gave her a big hug and said have a good day. I knew I shouldn't have let them walk with us! I was so proud of her going in her class and jumping in with no fear that first day.
Mrs. Matlock had a fine motor activity for the kids to start on when they arrived in the room. The first half day was just girls then the next was just boys then the next day it was the whole class. Kylie has a really sweet class, and we love her teacher!

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