Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Happenings in June

It's been a great summer and the kids are having so much fun. We are definitely staying busy with our friends and family though the weeks. Here are a few things that we did during June:
Vacation Bible School 
Ella Tate, Reed, Ford and Braden
 Charley, Kylie, Bennett and Wright
Slumber party after VBS one night with Charley
Gatlinburg with Friends 
CeCe, Kylie and Camille
Braden, Reed, Harris and Colton
It started raining on us in Dollywood and the kids, with no prompting by us, all decided that they would ride the water down the sidewalk.
Hiking on Saturday: The Whites, Crawfords, Karkaus and Watsons.
CMA Fest with friends:

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