Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Day 1 in Disney!

Ryan planned a surprise trip for our family to Disneyworld for 3 days. We left on Thursday and came back on Sunday. It was the perfect amount of time and we all had the best time! I knew that we would have fun but never anticipated it bring as much fun as it was.
We didn't tell the kids until we got to the airport. Mainly, so we didn't have to answer a gazillion times before the trip "when are we going?!"

Our cart for 3 suitcases, single stroller, double stroller, and 3 carseats.
Can you tell they are so tired. This is the 3 of them going on no nap around 5.
We ate at Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney and just walked around that night. We stayed at the Doubletree Hotel in Downtown Disney and just rented a car. 

Day 1 at Magic Kingdom. They look super excited don't they!
Riding the boat across to the park. 
Their first ride, "It's a Small World"

Having two strollers was definitely the best decision we made. Thanks to Rebekah for letting us borrow her double. We would have never survived without them.
When it was time to go in the street to dance, Reed was the first one ready to go then Kylie. Braden didn't want to but Ryan ended up taking him out there and he was totally fine. 
The boys, including Ryan, loved the Buzz ride where you get to shoot aliens the whole time. I think we rode this 4 times. 
Who is worn out??? 
We went back to our hotel for a short nap then headed to Ohana's for dinner. We ate way too much but it was so good.
Barnstormer for the first time. You gotta love Kylie's expression after the ride. 
The Teacups right after dinner is not a great idea but none of us got sick. We all laughed the whole time. Even the people getting on after us since everyone was dying laughing watching us spin. 

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Netta Scott said...

Ryan, you get an A+ for planning such a fun trip!
And Keely, as always, I enjoy the pictures and your comments. The kids are adorable! Thanks for sharing.