Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beach Trip Continued...

Can you tell that we took too many pictures?! Charley and Kylie had the best time with each other. If I didn't know better, I would think these two were sisters by the way that they play great one minute and fight the next with each other.
Braden wanted to wear his visor like his daddy and Uncle Craig.
I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun these boys had in the ocean. They absolutely loved jumping over the waves and getting knocked down and getting right back up. You can see that they had a hard time sometimes keeping up their swim trunks too.
Our nights were filled with eating, playing and eating some more. I am not for sure how much ice cream we consumed and Popsicles the kids ate even if it was right before bed time. That's what vacations all about though!  
Papa reading the Charley before bed. 
 As some of you know who still read this blog and have read it in the years past, I have always taken the kids pictures on the beach with white outfits and their monograms. I guess this will be the last year that I can get away with the boys wearing these kind of outfits! I still cannot manage to get a pic with all 3 of them looking at me and smiling.
Braden Paul White has shot up these past few months. He is about 3 inches taller than Reed right now! He is still a big people watcher and observer. He loves to play with the "big kids" and watches everything they do. I have to also say that Braden is my little tester (mom, if you are reading this I mean that in the nicest way possible!). He loves to see how far that he can push your buttons without getting in trouble. Let's just say that I need to be reading How to Raise a Strong-Willed Child in the near future.
With that said, Braden also is very loving and caring. He is always there to take care of his brother and sister. If Reed gets in trouble, Braden will tell us "no mom" or "no dad" to stick up for his brother. Braden also loves sports.  He has a pretty good arm on him for a 3 year old and can hit baseballs pretty hard too. I love his spirit and personality, but it definitely keeps us on our parenting toes!  
Braden and Reed being silly!

Reed Hutchison White has come so, so far! I am especially reminded each day of God's blessings when I look at him and what a little miracle he is. Reed is what I would probably categorize as my "sweet" kid. Reed enjoys playing with Braden and Kylie, but he also needs his own time. We like to call Reed our "little nerd"...I mean that as a compliment. On most things he is totally caught up with Braden but he still needs some more practice with his fine motor skills. Most of this is due to needing to build up his little muscles. For example, he has a harder time cutting with scissors. It took Reed longer to be able to go up stairs without using his hands for help and also being able to jump. But just like Reed fashion, he gets it but sometimes it just takes a little more work. This guy is definitely persistent and will not quit till he can do what his brother does! We are so proud of him and again for his brother being there to be his motivator even though Braden never knew what help he was for Reed these past 3 years!  

Oh, Kylie Reese White where do I begin?!!! This girl is full of personality and already has her daddy wrapped. I have to say that Kylie is not that sweet, quiet little girl I thought I might have:-) She is sweet but definitely not quiet. She talks nonstop...that's why I haven't made her give up the paci! I sometimes have to use the paci as a stopper just like you plug a sink...I know, that sounds terrible but I sometimes need a little peace in the car.
Kylie is right there in the middle of her two brothers. I always tell people that parenting while she is asleep is much easier. Let me explain. When she is awake, she loves to take the boys' things and takes off running for them to chase her. But it ends more like the boys' getting their things back by pushing her down and her left crying in the floor. Never a dull moment but oh so much fun! I wouldn't change a thing!  
 Did I mention that she is potty-trained and knows how to swim. I would love to take credit for this but she totally did these things on her own. She just told us one day that she needed to go potty and the rest is history. She had a few accidents but not many. Thank you Kylie for making that so easy!
Swimming without floaties was totally her too. The boys know how to swim and I guess she got tired of watching them swim without their floaties. We were in the pool last week and she took her floaties off and told Ryan and me that she was going to jump off the diving board. She proceeded to jump off then swim to the ladder. She has never had lessons and I guess just learned from watching her brothers. Crazy!
Ocean Fun 
Braden, Reed, Charley and Kylie
These pictures were taken right before a huge storm. My attempt at getting 3 kids to look at me and!
 I love my boys!!!
 Braden, Kylie, Charley and Reed
Our family (the no make-up look was due to me running out the door trying to beat the storm just so I could take a few more pictures:-)
Braden reading Charley a Bible story before dinner.

 Papa and Nana entertaining the boys while we wait to be seated for dinner!
 Reed and Charley enjoying their last day on the beach.
It was a great trip and I look forward to next year where one more will be added to this group...not by me!


Mama Dee said...

These are phenomenal pictures. What beautiful children. Looks like a wonderful vacation. Enjoyed the post.

Jake miller said...

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