Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cold Weather Days

What can you do to kill time with the kids when it's freezing outside...bake cookies!
Even though it's really cold, we still have to get out side on these days. Otherwise, we go stir crazy! The boys absolutely love driving their gator. Kylie rarely gets to ride in a seat. The boys will say "Come on Ky, get in the back" and she will crawl right in.

 Braden taking a ride in Kylie's stroller.
We went to Craig and Tina's one afternoon to play. It was supposed to be great weather but it was far from that. I don't think that cold weather even phases the kids. I need their thick skin! 

One of Craig's friends got Charley a pony for Christmas. His name is Chili. Isn't he so cute?!
Poor Kylie gets a fair dose of being picked on by Braden and Reed. They know how much she loves her paci so that is the first thing they go for to get under her skin.
Who can resist giving this little face what she wants?!
Reed doing a little bit of bribing to get Kylie to give him her popsicle. It worked! 

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carol said...

wow the kids are sure growing and having a ball as they grow. I don't think they ever have a dull moment. and they sure are cute. love nie nie