Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Time

Where is the time going? I don't know about you all, but I sure feel like time is flying by these days. Sometimes that is a good thing but it does make me a little sad. Kylie Reese is trying her best to keep up with her brothers and she is not too far behind:-)She went for her one year doctor visit and she weighs 21lbs, 12 oz.and is 29.75 inches long. She has moved down to 65th percentile for both! Some of you may remember this picture from an old post. This is when the boys decided it would be fun to get the oats and spread them out all over the kitchen floor.
Well, there must be something about oats that scream "open me and pour me all over the floor for your mom to clean up" to kids! I was back in the boys room playing with them and come into the kitchen to find Kylie happily playing in the kitchen floor with oats everywhere. I couldn't help but laugh. The oats have now found a new home in a higher cabinet!
Oh, how I hate lizzards but thank goodness for papa who will catch them and show them to the boys. Right when my dad picked up the lizzard he bit him..the lizzard did:-)
I sure hope those Flav-R-Ice pops do not have too much in them that is bad for kids because my kiddos probably eat too many of them each week. 25 calories for a snack isn't bad is it even though there is some sugar in them?!!
The sad part is that Kylie can just about eat her popsicle as well as the boys can. When it is a normal opsicle, she can eat that thing with no problem. Braden definitely loves to play ball. He has a pretty good arm on him for a 2 year old. Random picture for this post but this is what bathtime looks like at our house. The kids love to take a bath(most days they will take 2), and Kylie will even throw a little fit when me or Ryan take a shower and she cannot get in.
Harris' Easter Egg Hunt - we had a great day on Friday at Harris' house. The weather was beautiful and the kids had a blast. The kids played outside for a long time then we had lunch then the kids hunted easter eggs.
Pictured below is Macey, Madison, Harris, Cameron, Camille, Colton, Reed and Braden. "Macey, smile for Keeley" ...priceless then sweet Madison hanging out on the steps!
I wish that I had the following even on video because it was so funny. This was a conversation where Reed was telling Camille to go ride a cars with him and she did not want to go. Needless to say, Camille ended up grabbing Reed and trying her best to get him to go back to the swingset. Too cute! Camille still adores Kylie and cares way more about her than Braden and Reed. Kylie gets so excited when she sees Camille. Carolina and Harris riding the motorcycle together. Don't they look like a cute couple?!
The night before Easter, Ryan and I went out to dinner with people from my work for a wedding dinner shower. We ended up spending the night with my parents so we wouldn't have to wake the kids up that night.
Easter morning was very busy because we not only had to do the kids Easter baskets, but Ryan and I had to be at church at 7:30am since we were part of the church service. A family tradition of Ryan's growing up was that the Easter bunny leaves a trail of candy leading to the Easter baskets. The boys were way more excited about the candy than the actual baskets!
Now onto why we were part of the church service. I don't know if you have seen a "cardboard testimony" service but it was wonderful! I will hopefully have the video to post soon so you can see exactly what it was because it was very powerful. The front of the cardboard has your need and the flip side shows how God answered your need.
There were a lot of people that participated and we thankfully did not have to talk at all. We just walked on stage with Reed and showed the front side then flipped over the sign. Too hard to explain the whole thing so hopefully I will uploadthe video soon!
We had to participate in both services so we let the kids run off some energy after class before the second service. Braden payed back Camille for messing with his brother at the Easter egg hunt!! I love you Camille! I can see these being used in their Senior slideshow:-) After church, we went to my parents for lunch. Isn't Charley's outfit too cute?!! By the wa, she is walking now too. She knew she needed to keep up with Kylie.
Daddy tickling Kylie!
I hope you all had a great Easter too. Now onto summer fun!


carol said...

What a super weekend you all have had. Thank you ryan for carrying on the tradition of the bunny rabbit coming and his trail of jelly beans or whatever you have on hand. I miss you and your brother being small and its so much fun to be around all the kids and see their happiness. All the pics are great and can't wait to see you in june. love grannie carol

Sheena White said...

Love it ;)