Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Days

I am a little behind in posting the winter pictures but here they are. We had a beautiful snow in Nashville last week but it was pretty cold and windy. We only went out one day to play in it because it was too cold for me the rest of the week.
You will see that it is next to impossible to get Reed, Kylie and Braden to look at the camera at the same time. I have given up on that and getting a smile. When do kids learn to look and smile at the camera?!!
Thanks to Aunt Tina for the super cute hats the boys are wearing. She always finds the cutest gifts!
These pictures below were while the boys were waiting for papa to get the bulldozer for them to ride in. Kylie didn't last very long outside because it was time for her nap. My mom and I went sledding with the boys for a little while then they were ready for a nap too!
Is this a twin things?! They were pointing at papa on the bulldozer!
Yes, I get the mean mom award for doing this to Kylie. I took her outside and sat her right in the snow with no shoes on (I hope my mom isn't reading this or Ryan), and I got the response that I deserved!!!
Once she figured out she could eat the snow, she was happy. That's my girl!
Maddi's Birthday Party!
Little Maddi Terry just celebrated her 1 year birthday this week. The kids had a good time at her party and the ice bucket was entertainment for them! They love ice just like their mommy!
It was a cupcake themed party.
Maddi was the first one of the girls born last year then there was Taylor in February, Avery in March and Kylie in April.
Kylie is not a big fan of the headbands but thanks Aunt Sheena. I still try to make her keep them on.
I don't think we have to worry about Kylie not liking her birthday cake when that day gets here. I think she ate more of Maddi's cake than she did!
Mandi and her daughter Maddi!
Random Sunday Pictures


Christy said...

I realized as I was laying awake one day earlier this week that it was Reed's heart anniversary! Happy 2 year heart day Reed! Wish I was there to play with you and Braden! & Kylie too :)
Love, Christy Hunter

carol said...

You will never get three babies or children to look and smile at the same time. But the pics are always great and grannie carol says put those shoes on those babies their going to get pnemonia... or frostbite... love you all and counting down the days... can't wait to see you all. 19 days yea!!!!!!! lots of xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo's grannie

andrea said...

Your family is gorgeous! The pics are just precious :o)