Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finally Fall!

We went two weekends ago to Kentucky for a fall festival then to my brother's cabin. Craig was hilarious with the boys and had everyone around us laughing! He was teaching Reed and Braden how to dance country style! It was actually way cooler than we expected it to be so Kylie was all wrapped up trying to sleep in her stroller. This is the before and after picture of my mom pushing Reed on the truck. Needless to say, she crashed the truck with Rw on it :-)
While the boys were outside playing, Kylie and Charley were hanging out inside. Kylie was determined to get poor Charley's bow out of her hair and she won! The following pictures do not even begin to do justice to how funny the following was. I know I am a terrible mom for laughing at my son face-planting into 6 inches of dust but I couldn't resist considering Reed didn't even care! He just got right back up and started driving his truck again.
We all love to be outside especially with this awesome weather we have been having. I am going to be really sad when winter comes!
Little Miss Kylie sitting like a big girl in her bumbo. Don't you just love that expression on her face?! Leanna was so good to play with the boys and pull them around and around in the red wagon...they loved it!
Don't you think Braden could be a model for the John Deere tractor??? Ryan thinks that he looks a lot like my brother Craig in this picture. I'm in big trouble because his personality is like Craig's too and Craig was pretty stubborn when he was little:-)
By the way, I am not in love with these outfits but this is what happens when Nana dresses them for the day....they look like little mechanics!
This past weekend, we went to the lake with the Crawfords. We had such a good time playing at the playground and going to the pumpkin patch. However, we decided that it would have been way more enjoyable for everyone if I would have bought pumpkins at Wal-Mart and just hid them in the backyard at the lake house!
Oh my goodness, the difference between little girls and boys. Camille LOVED playing with Kylie and putting clothes on her and giving her her paci all the time. She was so sweet but I am not for sure if Kylie thought it was as sweet as we did!


Sheena White said...

These are great! I love Reed and the dust :) Kylie is getting so big, she is presh!! Braden was making some definite "Ryan faces" in some of the pics! Love it ;)

Michael and Hannah said...

Love the pics of them playing in dirt! And I especially love the UK flag in the background of one of the photos! Go Cats!

carol said...

love the pics but whats up with kiley upside down? sur d love those precious children.xoxxoxoxoooxooo's grannie carol and paw paw