Sunday, December 13, 2009


Last weekend, we had a birthday party for Camille who just turned one. I think next year we may just have to do a joint birthday party since this time of year is so busy.
Do you like Braden's bruise? This is nothing compared to what he had this past week. I think that our house should be one big blow up house so the boys don't get any bruises. Their forheads seem to just stay bruised all the time since Braden has begun walking and Reed is trying! I guess its part of growing up.
Reed actually did not have too bad of a bruise for her party. I am hoping neither one of them falls between today and tomorrow. We are going to attempt getting a picture to use for their Christmas card tomorrow at Opryland Hotel! Better late than never:-)
Driving already! Braden is trying to keep the ladies out of his car...I sure hope this mentality stays for a long time!
Don't they look like pros already!
Braden in his new coat that I bought him last week. I better get away with dressing them like this now because I know that it won't last for long.
Doesn't Reed look thrilled about his new coat?!?
Camille getting hew cute ladybud cake.
She was such a girl about the way she ate her cake. She seemed to like the icing.


Love Being a Nonny said...

LOVE their Christmas outfits! How adorable!

Vanessa said...

Cute pics. I love their new jackets. Anything with ears or tails really makes me happy!

carol said...

They are little lambs,BUT come on mom..I'm surprised Ry agreed with this. They are so cute in anything they wear. Ryan look at the way they already handle the wheel of the car. Remember that will be two drivers licences and two teaching them how to drive. almost three at the same time I'm loving

Sheena White said...

They are getting so big, I love the pic of the boys standing by the back door! So sweet :)