Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

The boys are keeping us very busy these days! We still love to resort to the outside to kill time during the day and they thankfully love it. My nanny is in town and she has been spending a lot of time with them. She brought her dog to my parents' house and I am thinking that they will be wanting a dog before long. I am fine with that as long as it is an outside dog:-)
Braden not for sure about his dad's hat on his head!
We have been practicing with Reed to get him to hold his own bottle. Braden has this down but Reed likes for the person feeding him to hold it. In order to get him to actually do it on his own, he lies down on the floor with a pillow behind his head and a blanket under the bottle in case he gets lazy! He is doing great with this!
I love his expression..."Mom, why am I having to do my parent's job?"
Ryan likes to take pictures of me looking my best:-) I was trying to rest but Braden kept wanting to play...the fun never ends!
Braden has really started scooting backwards this past week. This morning, I was in the kitchen and I heard him fussing but just figured Reed took a toy from him. Well, Ryan said for me to come look at our son...he was stuck underneath a chair and couldn't scoot himself out!
Will it be UK or KU in the future for these boys?????
Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures!!! The boys go to bed around 6:30 every night so around 5:00 we have to get a little creative! I think in this picture, Ryan was singing to them and I was giving Braden juice because he has been a little sick again. Whatever it takes to make them happy!!!
The boys eat dinner at 5:30, bath after dinner then a bottle right before bed. I LOVE having them in bed at 6:30 because I am pretty tired by the end of the day.
We LOVE Bathtime...


carol said...

Don't know if I can leave after I get there so I'm giving you fair warning...I told your dad, Ryan to tell you weeks ago that my idea is 40 days and 40 nights of grandma... Sean said to tell me yea right asif you all could put up with me that long.. . But I can hope right.. They are the most beautiful kids on earth with the exception of the other 4. Gosh this family makes great and adorable grandkids.. I'm countig dwn and I d have my bags packed fr a real long stay.. Love gram

Michael and Hannah said...

Adorable! I wish my kids went to bed at 6:30!!!

MereSpeckClayton said...

at least you have pictures with you and your boys!! rarely do i look presentable to event ake a picture. maybe on sundays:)love love the bath pics! so stinkin cute!