Friday, April 18, 2008


I first lost my camera charger and got a new battry charger last week. Well, Ryan went on a golf trip this past weekend and took the camera and charger with him. Tuesday he calls me from work and says "Did you take the camera out of my luggage?" Needless to say, our camera is gone!!! There will not be new posts until I get a new camera which will hopefully be next week!

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Em and C said...

:( i'm so sorry to hear about your camera!
charles and i flew to amarillo for his grandmother's funeral, and when we got back to nashville, we noticed ours had been stolen out of our bag. whoever it was broke my necklace and curling iron getting it out. wow!
anyway...i know how you feel...i LOVE taking pictures and have NO camera!!! hope you find yours!
love you...