Monday, April 02, 2018

Back to School 2017-2018

The next day after we got home from the beach trip the kids had to start school.
 Reed and Braden have Mrs. McKeown and Miss Gualiardi in 3rd grade.
 Kylie has Miss O'Neill for 2nd grade
 First day back at school was a success!
 While I was in Wal-Mart, I get a text followed up with a phone call from Ryan.  At the end of practice, he and Dsvid decided to hit some extra balls with Braden, Reed, and Colton. Well, Coach David threw a pitch to Reed, and Reed turned into the pitch...I might add withOUT his helmet on.
 I am pretty laid back when it comes to kids getting hurt because it's going to happen no matter if you're a 'helicoptor' mom or a 'laid back' mom. But I was a bit concerned thinking they might have ruined his face:-) 
Can you see the stitches from the baseball in his cheek?!
 I concocted some sort of system to keep the ice pack on his face. Who knew a bandanna and head band would work wonders!
Next day
 This was a week after
These three have our hearts!

Beach Trip 2017

Another beach trip is in the books and it was full of memories.
These sweet cousins have such a great relationship.  
These two are sweet and sassy
Why is it that kids always want to be in the nasty hot tub when its 90 degrees outside.
Every day these kids would wait for the ice cream truck to come down the beach.
Braden Paul
Reed and Ryan riding the waves...and crashing at times too
Uncle Craig and Sawyer
If you know our family, you know that we love to play cards on trips. The kids enjoyed playing Uno and Old Maid. Craig, Ryan, and Nanny played for hours each day playing Rummy. 

Wouldn't you love to know what they're talking about?! 
This trip is probably all of our favorite time of the year.
I hate to think of the days when Nanny isn't with us on these trips anymore. What a blessing to have her for all of these years. I have never met another 91 year old like her! 
"Let them be little"!!!
If you're ever bored at the beach with kids, just dig some holes in the sand and assign each hole a point value. These entertained them for hours!
Papa looking for shells with Kylie and Sawyer
The kids' LEAST favorite part of vacation! 
When will they be too old to not make them do this?! 
Reed (8)
This right here is how most of the pictures went
Kylie Reese (7)
Braden Paul (8)
Charley Rae (7)
Girl cousins are the best when you don't have a sister
Uncle Craig, Sawyer, and Charley (not sure why I didn't get Tina)
Ryan is one awesome dad to these 3 kiddos
Nanny was behind bars watching the mad chaos of taking pictures, 
but we let her out for one picture.
Grateful for another year with family. These are cherished memories!!